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IDI was established in 1995 as a family run business based in East Sussex. We provide a professional, knowledgable, reliable and efficient service excelling in the manufacturing and installation of stainless steel equipment. We use our vast experience and our professional friendly approach to ensure we deliver our customers exactly what they need.

Supplying anything from a basic shelf right down to the kitchen sink and more all at competitive rates.

Kitchen units wrapped in stainless steel 

Custom made trolley

catering unit with cupboard and drawer 

Rational stand with guides 

Stainless steel garden pergola 

Catering table and wall shelf 

What our Customers say

If you are looking to do any stainless steel job, or any steel decorative job –  Peter Griffin is the person to go to. It is a rare occasion to find a tradesperson that truly ticks the three boxes that are essential to a customer:
1. Excellent quality
2. Excellent pricing (excellent quality is never the cheapest !)
3. Excellent and friendly service.
Peter has done quite a few jobs for us: all our kitchen stainless steel counters and shelves, Steel decorative works, a market stall worktop.  He always gets the job right (no mishaps with wrong measurements!!!), on time and is always in a good vibe. 
We were lucky to take him for our first job and since then he is the only stainless steel and steel works person we speak to.
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London w1T 4RW

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